About Us

We were founded over 30 yrs ago right here in the upstate of South Carolina when Daddy decided to teach himself how to polish. Starting in a one car garage with nothing more than a side grinder , wheels from Sears and no Google , YouTube etc and using his foot to hold down the parts he built The business to 5,000 sq feet and 19 employees serving 114 motor cycle shops from around the country. The most important thing he has given us is as he says " I can give you the company which doesn't mean much but the best thing I can give you is my 30yrs of knowledge, that's worth a fortune" we have found out that is so true. Show quality metal finishing is all about making your own tools for crevasses, building equipment for special needs etc. The secrets of the art is what separates metal finishers.
When (daddy) retired the art was passed down to us children still honoring the same quality and detail that made us famous. Over the yrs our customers have included Jennifer Lopez, Shaquille O' Neil, Cal Ripkin, Cal Ripkin jr, Joe Burke, countless museum quality restorations as well as winners of Nopi Nationals , pebble beach concours d' elegance, rats hole chopper show, shades of the past, world of wheels as well as customers and shop owners the world. Call or text for questions or if you need anything polished just let us know. Also offer powder coating most anything in any color from flat to candies on most any part

About us

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